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Over the last couple of years, trending makeup looks have been primarily focused on the upper half of the face. Elaborate eye makeup isn’t going anywhere as more masks come off, but it’s definitely the mouth’s time to shine. If you don’t want to spend an exorbitant amount of time in front of a mirror, meticulously contouring and shading the area around your mouth to make sure your lip game is on point, semi-permanent lipstick could be your saving grace.

What is Permanent Lipstick?

While terms like “permanent lipstick” and “permanent makeup” are popularly used, they aren’t quite accurate terms for modern cosmetic tattooing. In the earliest days of the cosmetic tattooing industry, many pioneers did use the same inks preferred by traditional body tattooists, and results were permanent just like traditional body tattoos. The end results often aged poorly and were frequently far too garish and bright to look at all natural.

These days, though, the industry has learned, grown and evolved. Today, the best professionals use specially formulated pigments designed for cosmetic tattooing. These pigments apply beautifully, fade gracefully over the course of about two years and leave you truly able to say, “I woke up like this.”

Permanent lipstick does more than replace the contour-liner-lip-color routine, too. With an expert application, semi-permanent lipstick can enhance your current lip shape and color for a balanced, harmonious and oh-so-slightly enhanced look.

The Best Semi Permanent Lipstick in Atlanta

Who doesn’t want to spend two years giving their lip color and line little more than a passing thought on the way out the door? When applied correctly by a skilled and experienced professional, semi-permanent lipstick can keep you looking and feeling your best while saving time and banking confidence along the way.

Skill of application has an enormous impact on the overall quality of your beauty investment, as do a sterile application environment and attention to aftercare. When you want the best results, you go to the best professionals.

Sara Justice is the premier destination for semi-permanent lipstick and more, all in a hygienic facility. Stations are sanitized meticulously before and after each procedure, and all application kits are single-use, disposable items, so you know that nothing has been reused.

Call Sara Justice today to learn more about how semi-permanent lipstick and lip restoration service can really give you something to smile about.

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