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Tired of investing time into perfecting your brows every day, but not willing to give up the high-impact effect of a sculpted brow? Low-maintenance beauty mavens are all about finding time-saving hacks, and microblading is a popular choice. Despite the buzz behind this trendy procedure, it does come with its share of drawbacks. Before you pull the trigger on microblading, it pays to do a bit of research into microblading alternatives.

The Drawbacks of Microblading

At first blush, a procedure that claims to mimic the look of natural hair while providing a meticulously sculpted brow seems too good to be true. Scratch the surface, and you may find that to be true.

During the procedure, skin is cut with a blade and the incision is packed with pigment. When executed absolutely flawlessly, the end result is a scar that looks like a single strand of eyebrow hair. The pigments will last for several months, then the procedure must be repeated in order to maintain results. Each time the skin is cut, which can be hundreds of times during a single procedure, the risk of infection and scarring increases. Over time, repeated touchups can create such dense scar tissue that the natural hair follicle is destroyed. The end result can be permanent eyebrow loss and significant scarring, especially when the procedure is carried out improperly.

Fortunately, microblading alternatives do exist. One of the best, most effective, and least risky is semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing.

Why Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Tattooing is a Better Alternative to Microblading

When you want to be able to roll out of bed looking flawless, semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing makes it possible. Unlike microblading, which relies on slicing through the skin, semi-permanent eyebrows are applied with a motorized tool designed expressly for the process. Soft, natural-looking pigments provide infinitely better results than the liquid ink of years past, and graceful fading allows you to touch up your signature look or roll with the changing trends as desired.

The key to perfect eyebrows without microblading is to work with a skilled professional who understands the unique demands of cosmetic tattooing, and how it differs from both microblading and traditional body tattooing.

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