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Self-care is having a moment in the sun, as more and more people turn to the things that soothe their soul to recover from the daily grind. Whether you’re a book-and-bath-bomb kind of person or like to unwind with a favorite hobby, carving time out of the day to do those things can feel like a challenge. The world is moving faster than ever, and it often seems as if there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Relief can come from unexpected places, though; find out how permanent makeup can elevate your self-care routine.

What is Permanent Makeup, and How Does it Save Me Time?

What if you could roll out of bed, throw on your outfit of the day and walk out the door? How many times could you hit the snooze button without running late? How many mornings each week could you squeeze in daily meditation before work? Even better, how much time could you save in the evenings if you’re no longer fighting with stubborn waterproof mascara and budge-proof liquid eyeliner? Enough time to pursue your favorite hobby or indulge in your own at-home spa night, certainly.

While cosmetic tattooing is often referred to as “permanent makeup,” this is actually a bit of a misnomer. Pioneers of cosmetic tattooing developed their techniques around the inks used by body tattooists and a similar application process, with permanent results. These inks often looked too unnatural and garish, and typically aged poorly.

Today, leading cosmetic tattooing experts have developed new techniques and specialized pigments designed to look natural, age beautifully and break down over time to allow for shape and color changes. You’re not committed to a thick band of black ink around your eyes for life with today’s processes and pigments.

Atlanta Cosmetic Tattoo Experts

While the process has evolved and semi-permanent makeup doesn’t quite last forever, you still don’t want to be stuck with unsatisfactory results. To get the full timesaving, perpetually photo-ready effect, it’s vital to work with an Atlanta cosmetic tattooing expert.

Sara Justice provides a sterile environment and artist’s touch, ensuring top-notch results no matter what you’re looking to enhance. From perfectly sculpted brows to a plumper pout and everything in between, Sara Justice is ready to help you take back more of your days and nights. Call or contact today to learn more about semi-permanent tattooing.

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