Do you want to add to your style with a few new piercings but aren’t keen on finding the nearest strip-mall store offering piercing services with unsanitary guns and questionable practices? An infected piercing is no laughing matter at Sara Justice Cosmetic Tattoo.

Why You Should Avoid Piercing Guns

If you already have at least one set of holes in your ears from childhood or your teen years, chances are your experience included a piercing gun. If you didn’t react adversely to them, it’s wise to consider yourself lucky; many aren’t so fortunate.

While these mechanical piercing tools are cheap and quick, they can present a very real infection risk. No matter how much a mall store offering free ear piercing with the purchase of jewelry states they disinfect ear piercing guns, there is a bit more to the story. The difference between disinfection and sterilization is crucial: disinfection simply reduces the total presence of microorganisms, while sterilization kills all viable bacteria, viruses and nasty microbes. These establishments advertise “disinfected tools” because they cannot say they have been sterilized; it’s impossible to sterilize them thoroughly. They’re mostly made of plastic, which would be destroyed by the high heat of an autoclave sterilization machine.

Because piercing is a small part of the services these stores offer, training on using the tools is also limited. This is why many strip-mall ear piercings can be uneven, heal poorly or have complications. When someone is piercing your skin, you want to be sure they know what they’re doing and have the skills to keep you safe. That’s why working with a seasoned piercing professional is much safer, smarter, and a far better investment.

Safe, Sanitary and Stylish Atlanta Ear Piercing You Can Trust

The last thing you want is to go through the trouble of getting your ears pierced and adhering strictly to aftercare instructions, only to end up with non-viable piercings due to inflammation, infection or error.

Sara Justice has spent the last two years working diligently to expand her skill set to include high-end piercing services, traveling and working with industry leaders to hone her craft. Our facility only offers jewelry of the highest quality for your safety and satisfaction, including 18k gold, platinum and silver with settings of genuine diamonds or cubic zirconia. Ear piercing services are approached with the same diligent care semi-permanent makeup clients receive in a meticulously sterilized environment.

If you want high-quality ear piercing in Atlanta, Sara Justice provides safe, sterile services with an artistic eye and intentional placement. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.