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Ever wish you could roll out of bed in the morning and breeze out the door looking your best with minimal effort required? Life is complicated and hectic enough on its own; why make it even more difficult with a long makeup routine that steals your sleep and cranks up your stress level every day? Cosmetic tattooing gives you the freedom of effortless “woke up like this” beauty that never needs a midday touch-up.

Are Cosmetic Tattoos and Permanent Makeup the Same Thing?

While the terms are often used interchangeably, the phrase “permanent makeup” is a bit outdated, a throwback to a time when pioneering cosmetic tattooists used the same inks favored by body tattooists. These pigments were often too bright and garish, looking unnatural when they were fresh and aging poorly as pigments broke down unevenly.

Today, the industry has changed dramatically. The best cosmetic tattooists use high-end pigments specially formulated for use on the face that break down more subtly and are designed to be more of a semi-permanent makeup option.

Is Cosmetic Tattooing Right for Me?

No two faces are exactly the same, and no two people have the same outcomes from any procedure. One thing that is true for everyone is how your semi-permanent makeup is applied and how dedicated you are to proper aftercare will both have noticeable impacts. It is absolutely vital to work only with expert cosmetic tattooists who understand the long-lasting nature of their work and are dedicated to providing the very best, most skilled service.

Poor sanitation practices at the time of application, for instance, can lead to infection. This has enormous potential to spoil your cosmetic tattoos, not to mention the misery of managing an active infection on your face.

Sarah Justice is the Atlanta area’s premier destination for high-end semi-permanent cosmetics, from lip shading and coloring to eyebrow and eyelash enhancement. Only single-use, disposable application kits are used during the process and stations are thoroughly sanitized before and after every procedure. Ready to learn more about how you can sleep more and slay more in the New Year? Call Sarah Justice today to ask questions and schedule your first consultation.

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