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If the last time you got a piercing it came free with a pair of earrings at a mall boutique and included a device that looked like a gun, it’s important to know the times have changed. It is now common knowledge that those piercing guns are often unsanitary because they cannot be fully sanitized. The plastic components would melt under the high temperatures created by an autoclave, which is necessary for full sanitization.

Today’s piercings are a little bit classier, and a little bit edgier, than anything you can snag in a shop aimed at tweens and young teens. To be done appropriately, with mindful techniques intended to minimize scar tissue formation and other complications, you need to work with a trained expert.

On-Trend Piercings for 2023

Moving into a new year, body piercing is expected to be a massive trend. Those with more subtle tendencies are opting for second and third earlobe piercings, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Look for lots of exterior ridge and forward helix piercings to make a splash this year, and for the early 2000s lip piercing nostalgia to bring them back into the mainstream. Septums are a tried-and-true standout that never really goes out of style, but it’ll be on trend in a big way for 2023, too.

Not ready for something as daring as lip and nose adornments just yet? Asymmetrical ear stacks are a fun way to add a hint of chaotic energy to your look without fully committing to a more extreme aesthetic.

High-End Atlanta Ear and Body Piercings

When you have a hole poked into your body purely for the sake of style, you want to make sure it’s placed precisely, completed properly and looks great. That means avoiding infection and unsanitary piercing practices altogether.

Sara Justice has been the premier destination for Atlanta cosmetic tattooing, and during that time, Sara has been mastering the craft of body piercing to expand service offerings. When you choose Sara Justice for any kind of piercing, you can rest assured that the setting will be clean and your disposable pack will be sterile and destroyed after use, so you know no kit is being reused. Stations are cleaned before and after a procedure to further minimize the threat of infection and quality aftercare instructions will help preserve your new piercing at home.
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