Permanent Lipstick

While it would definitely be fun to get the celebrity treatment before every end-of-year gathering, who can afford a professional, personal makeup artist for the holiday season? Still, if you want to rock every look without spending all your waking hours or a small fortune in pursuit of perfect party makeup, there’s a trick you may not have considered. Cosmetic tattoos take you from work to the party, from the gym to drinks and everywhere else you need to go, with no makeup touchups required.

What is Cosmetic Tattooing?

If you’ve never heard of cosmetic tattooing, chances are you’ve heard of it by another, less accurate name. “Permanent makeup” is an outdated and not altogether accurate term, because the industry has evolved tremendously from the pioneering days of thick, garish pigmentation.

While cosmetic tattooing does involve applying pigment beneath skin’s surface for a long-lasting change, it actually has far less in common with body tattooing than it may seem at first blush. Those too-noticeable, very unnatural permanent eyeliner looks from years ago were often applied with the same pigmented ink body tattooists prefer. Cosmetic tattooists providing high-end, semi-permanent makeup results opt for pigments designed specifically for this use.

The end result is a softer, more natural enhancement that lets you shave valuable time off every getting-ready routine, especially during the grueling holiday party circuit. Eyebrows, lashes, lips and other features can all be enhanced by a skilled artist, letting you skip the makeup touchups in favor of actually enjoying the party.

Are Cosmetic Tattoos Right for Me?

If you want to spend far less time in front of the makeup mirror but also want to rock that you-but-better glow around the clock, then cosmetic tattooing may be the answer. There are a variety of factors which can have an impact on how well semi-permanent makeup is likely to work for you, all of which you should discuss in depth with an application expert.

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