The latest trend among beauty-conscious women is lash line enhancement tattoos. They bring out the eyes’ natural beauty. But what is it precisely, and how does it differ from an eyeliner tattoo?

While both types can help streamline your morning routine and keep you looking your best 24/7, the way they enhance your overall facial appearance differs. Let’s break down the similarities and differences, so you can better decide which tattoo is suitable for your cosmetic goals.

Lash Enhancement and Eyeliner Tattoo Benefits

Many morning routines entail mascara and eyeliner application. However, it is time consuming and challenging for women with poor eyesight, shaky hands, time limits or interruptions, like aging women and working moms.

If this sounds familiar and you feel like applying makeup is a cumbersome task, a lash enhancement tattoo or eyeliner tattoo (or both) could benefit you significantly.

What is a Lash Enhancement Tattoo?

Lash enhancement tattoos are similar to microblading for the eyebrows. They are a thin line that creates the illusion of thicker lashes.

Sara Justice’s highly-experienced cosmetic specialists apply tiny dots of semi-permanent pigment between each of your eyelashes. Every dot gives the effect of adding an eyelash and the lash line becomes thicker, darker and more luscious.

This approach does not provide the fuller eyeliner effect, but gives just enough at the base of the lashes to make eyeliner unnecessary. As a result, your eyes will look bigger and brighter without doing anything!

What is an Eyeliner Tattoo?

Eyeliner tattoos provide smudge-proof eyeliner that lasts one year after just one application. It is permanent eyeliner that will not come off in the water, meaning you can look fabulous at pool parties!

Eyeliner can be subtle or bold, thin or thick, winged or not, classic black or bright and colorful and more. At Sara Justice Cosmetic Tattoo, many hues are available. We can collaborate to design the perfect eyeliner style and select the color based on your features. We aim to enhance not only your eyes but your entire face.

Lash Enhancement Tattoos versus Eyeliner Tattoos

Style distinguishes lash enhancement tattoos from eyeliner tattoos. The first one is subtle; the second is bold.

Lash enhancement adds definition with an ultra-thin black line through the lash line, delivering an undetectable and seamless eye-popping effect. On the other hand, the eyeliner tattoo can vary in line thickness and shape and is usually more noticeable.

Simplify Your Life with Cosmetic Tattoos

We can apply the lash enhancement tattoo and the eyeliner tattoo to your upper and lower eyelids. Contact Sara Justice Cosmetic Tattoos today to schedule an appointment and have one less thing to worry about in your busy life!

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