Permanent Makeup Cost

The novel coronavirus has upended everyone’s way of life and disrupted just about every kind of routine you can imagine. Our beauty routines are no exception. Masking up means half of your face is covered all day, but that doesn’t mean you have to abandon all your beauty habits. You just have to rethink some of them, especially where you’re putting your focus.

With your lips, cheeks and jaws covered, this is a great time to play up your eyes. Cosmetic tattooing allows you to create the perfect, fuss-free brow or expert eyeliner all the time. Rolling out of bed just in time for a video conference? You can be sure your eye game is on point, even if you’re still wearing pajamas from the waist down.

What is Permanent Makeup?

While it’s called “permanent makeup,” cosmetic tattooing actually provides semi-permanent results which can last anywhere from one to three years. With expert application, you’re looking at flawless results for long enough to be a worthwhile investment, but not so indelible things can’t be adjusted as trends change.

The best cosmetic tattooing is similar to body tattoos, but different products are used to achieve pigmentation. A traditional body tattooist uses liquid inks for bright, vibrant and rich colors. In cosmetic tattooing, those bold colors quickly look garish an unnatural. For that reason, special pigments are used that can enhance your eyes without looking outlandish.

Is Cosmetic Tattooing Safe?

Under hygienic standards at a high-quality studio, cosmetic tattooing can be a safe and effective alternative to daily makeup. We only use disposable, single-use needles and supplies for all our procedures, meticulously sanitizing stations before we open and after every single procedure. Our commitment to health and safety means a significantly lower chance of infection and scarring.

If you’re ready to shine in all those holiday Zoom calls, we’re here to help!

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