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Time takes a toll on everything, even the shape, contour and color of your lips. Deftly wielded lipliner and lipstick can provide a very temporary change, but even the most tenacious long wear will eventually fade. What if there were a way you could put down the lipstick for up to two years and still enjoy beautifully shaped and tinted lips? With permanent lipstick, this is a definite possibility.

What is Permanent Lipstick?

Similar to tattooing, micropigmentation for lips involves placing pigment under the skin. During the process, uneven lip lines can be altered subtly for more symmetry and the illusion of a fuller lip is created. Because the process stimulates collagen production, this further enhances the appearance of fullness. Unlike body tattoos, permanent makeup utilizes a different kind of pigment that looks more natural. Another difference from body tattooing: numbing agents.

If you’ve ever had a body tattoo, you know it can be an uncomfortable experience. For permanent makeup, numbing agents are applied to the skin before the procedure to ensure you are pain-free throughout the experience.

When your lips are fully healed, you’ll be able to shave valuable time off your makeup routine while always being sure you’re putting your best face forward.

Permanent Lipstick in the Atlanta Area

When it comes to the final result, the skill of application and careful aftercare are key.

All procedures are completed in our immaculate studio space with fully disposable application kits. All needles are single-use, and discarded immediately after each procedure is complete. Stations are meticulously disinfected before and after each application, so you never have to worry about contamination impacting the outcome of your permanent lipstick.

If more even, full and perfectly tinted lips are your goal, permanent makeup could be the solution. Contact us today to learn more about the Atlanta area’s premiere destination for permanent cosmetics.

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