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If you’re like most people, the image that comes to mind when you think of permanent makeup is garish, wildly unnatural colors and a decidedly unflattering look. In the earliest days of cosmetic tattooing, this was an unfortunately common outcome. Those days are thankfully gone.

Now, cosmetic tattoos have come a long, long way from the days of sharing inky pigments with the body tattooing industry and risking questionable outcomes. These days, it’s almost certainly nothing at all like you imagine.

Can Permanent Makeup Ever Look Natural? Does it Hurt?

While it’s a common name, “permanent makeup” is a bit of a misnomer now. The industry has moved to specially formulated pigments that are designed expressly for cosmetic tattooing. These pigments provide a softer and far more natural look, and they do not actually last forever. This means a better outcome over the life of your cosmetic tattooing modification, and less commitment to styles which can always change with the trends.

In another dramatic departure from the traditional body tattooing world, cosmetic tattooing does take advantage of numbing agent availability to ensure a comfortable experience. While the procedure is not recommended for people with certain health concerns or contraindications, cosmetic tattooing is, when done properly, a safe and relatively pain-free experience. Most clients tolerate it will with no problems.

Where to Learn More About Atlanta Cosmetic Tattooing

The industry has progressed by light years since its inception, but that doesn’t mean all cosmetic tattoos are created equal. The skill with which they are applied has a major impact, as does aftercare and maintenance.

Our facility is cleaned meticulously, with stations sanitized before and after each procedure. All semi-permanent makeup is applied by an expert in the field, using single-use, disposable application kits for each client. No needles or application kits are ever reused, minimizing the risk of infection, which can negatively impact your outcome. We use anesthetics to minimize discomfort, so you can walk away feeling and looking great.

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