Permanent Lipstick

What if you could roll out of bed with a full, perfect and Instagram-ready pout? Forget fiddling with lipstick, crazy TikTok experiments with self-tanner in place of lip liner and faded, blotchy color. With semi-permanent cosmetic services, you can keep your lips perfectly lined and lush with color, with no upkeep required for up to two years.

What You Should Know About Permanent Lipstick

While many cosmetic tattooing services are called “permanent makeup,” this phrase is a bit of a misnomer. This highly-specialized application technique is not a lifelong commitment, like traditional body tattooing. Though the pioneers of semi-permanent makeup did use the same vibrant liquid pigments favored by body tattooists, advances in the industry have altered the technique completely.

Now, semi-permanent cosmetic professionals rely on specially-formulated pigments, which provide a noticeable but natural-looking wash of color. Results are far from the garish looks of years gone by; now, your lips can look like they’re naturally flushed with the perfect wash of luscious color.

During the application process, a skilled professional can create the illusion of fuller lips with a more even lip line. Over the years, our lips begin to lose volume and alter in shape. With cosmetic tattooing, you can minimize the impact of passing years while saving time every morning for the next two years.

Where to Go for the Best Permanent Lipstick in Atlanta

We pride ourselves on providing the absolute best in cosmetic tattooing and semi-permanent cosmetics in the Atlanta area. Our expert technicians work with you to find the perfect look to flatter your face, ensuring you look and feel your best for years to come.

All of our procedures are completed by consummate professionals who care about your health and safety. For this reason, all work stations are meticulously sanitized before and after each procedure and all application kits are disposable, single-use needles discarded immediately after completion. Ready to kick the lipstick for a couple of years and shave time off your beauty routine? Call or contact us today to learn more about our revolutionary services.

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