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If you have been entranced by the promises of the beauty industry, and have had microblading on your eyebrows, please stop right now, read this article, and cancel your touch-up procedure.

Eyebrow microblading is far from safe, with the cutting technique leaving patients susceptible to skin infections, scar tissue, damaged hair follicles, and generally poor aesthetic outcomes.

Oh No! Is it too late?

If you’ve only had a few microblading sessions, it is (hopefully) not too late to correct the damage done to your skin and reverse the ill effects. But please be aware, that at some point, after multiple microblading sessions, the injury inflicted on your skin and face will be irreversible.

Step One – Consultation for Correction/Cover up

Even one microblading session is one too many, but most people are usually fortunate enough to avoid permanent disfigurement at this early stage. The first step in resolving the issues with your eyebrows, is to stop all microblading activity and immediately book a consultation with an experienced machine tattoo artist to discuss your correction/cover up options.

These options may include your qualified cosmetic tattoo artist using nano-needle and digital machine technology to replace the inferior ink from microblading with uniformly deposited micro-dots of pigment, which are designed to care for your delicate eyebrow skin while resulting in the most natural and beautiful results.

Step Two – Your Options for Permanent Scarring & Pigment

If your microblading work has left scar tissue, deeply implanted and saturated pigment, or asymmetrical or overly thick eyebrows, you are no longer a candidate for cover up work. In this situation, your qualified cosmetic tattoo artist may recommend a lightening and removal procedure involving such techniques as laser tattoo removal, saline lightening and/or micro-needling.

But the majority of the time, such techniques won’t be necessary. If you discontinue microblading and seek an alternative method in the future, you will avoid the skin trauma, damage, and unsightly long term results that microblading leaves behind.

Need Advice After Microblading?

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