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Cosmetic tattooing, which can also be known by the outdated and inaccurate term “permanent makeup”, is a procedure that involves injecting pigment into the dermis layer of the skin for a semi-permanent enhancement. While the concept has existed for centuries in many forms, it wasn’t until the 1980s that cosmetic tattooing began to gain popularity in the US.

In those early days, pioneering professionals used the same inks used by traditional body tattoo artists. These inks were designed to last a lifetime, and often came with long-term issues like migration, fading and discoloration. In the 1990s, a new generation of pigments specifically designed for the semi-permanent makeup industry began to emerge. These pigments were designed to be more natural looking and to fade over time more gracefully. As a result of these advances, cosmetic tattooing became even more popular. Now, it’s a widely accepted method to enhance lips, eyebrows and eyelashes.

The Benefits of Semi-Permanent Makeup

There are so many benefits to cosmetic tattoo enhancements, from saving time and money on makeup to providing a lasting solution to sparse eyebrows, lashes and thin or uneven lips. With a single procedure, you can achieve a more polished look without investing time and money into meticulously applied makeup every day. This means you can confidently swim, sweat and live life without worrying about running, smeared or worn-off makeup throughout the day.

Choosing a Cosmetic Tattoo Artists

Like any procedure that breaks the skin, semi-permanent makeup application does come with the risk of infection and complications. This risk increases exponentially when proper sterilization, hygiene and sanitization procedures aren’t followed diligently, but is dramatically reduced when you choose the right cosmetic tattoo artist. Under expert care, cosmetic tattooing is a safe, effective procedure that can improve your appearance, boost your confidence and give you the freedom to hit the snooze button a few more times each morning.

Sara Justice has invested more than two decades perfecting her application techniques, and all procedures are completed with sterile, sealed single-use kits. Stations are sanitized before and after each procedure to ensure clean, safe conditions conducive to avoiding infection. With proper aftercare and expert application, your semi-permanent makeup can literally be life changing. To learn more about these procedures and how they can help you maintain a picture-perfect look with no filters and no fuss, contact Sara Justice today.

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