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While it’s not quite time yet, the days of fun in the summer sun are approaching more rapidly than you think. If you’re invested in looking your absolute best with the most minimal routine, then semi-permanent makeup and cosmetic piercings can help you really put your best face forward all summer long. Best of all? If you start now, your new look will be healed properly, and the most vital aftercare period will be behind you before the season kicks off! Find out how semi-permanent makeup – and maybe a new ear piercing or two – can keep you confident and low-maintenance on a long-term basis.

Is Semi-Permanent Makeup the Same as Cosmetic Tattooing?

Yes! While you may have heard cosmetic tattooing referred to as “permanent makeup,” the truth is that this is no longer quite the case. Your face changes with time, and trends come and go. Semi-permanent makeup gives you the ability to skip things like eye makeup, lipstick, brow filling and lash enhancements for months to years, with some people requiring occasional touch-ups every year or two to maintain their current look. The result is soft and natural enhancements you can count on to go from poolside to dinner party, and everywhere in between, with ease.

In the earlier days of the cosmetic tattooing industry, the same inks and application techniques employed by body tattooists were used. These inks often produced a garish, unnatural look that faded unevenly but never quite disappeared. Tremendous advances in the industry have led to the introduction of pigments formulated expressly for use in semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing procedures.

Where to Learn More About Semi-Permanent Makeup in Atlanta

Celebrities rely on glam teams to keep their look flawless at all times. Why shouldn’t you have the same freedom thanks to a one-time visit with your own personal glam team? If you’re ready to get more time out of the long summer days by skipping or dramatically reducing your time spent on makeup, Sara Justice can help. The premier destination for semi-permanent makeup and high-end piercings in Atlanta, Sara Justice can make sure you’re set to stun, not just this summer but beyond. Call or contact today to learn more, and to book your initial consultation to determine how your routine can be streamlined for a face card that never declines.

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