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Are you ready to roll out of bed and breeze out the door looking your best without spending hours in front of the mirror meticulously applying makeup? Cosmetic tattooing can give you that freedom and flexibility, but like any long-term investment, it does require a bit of maintenance and aftercare. Find out how you can maximize the lifespan of your procedure to protect your investment. 

Why “Permanent Makeup” is a Misnomer

It’s common to hear cosmetic tattooing referred to as “permanent makeup,” but this isn’t actually the most accurate description of the procedure. While these procedures can provide a long-term reprieve from wrestling with cosmetics every morning, cosmetic tattooing is a semi-permanent makeup solution. Over time, pigments will fade and become less prominent. With proper care, you can help to extend the life of your semi-permanent makeup, but you’re not locked into a lifelong commitment, either.

In the pioneering days of the cosmetic tattooing industry, early adopters did use the same liquid ink pigments used in traditional body tattooing. This ink provides a truly permanent application, but also tends to be too bright and garish for a natural look. Over time, these never-budge inks can also exacerbate the visible signs of aging as your skin naturally shifts and moves with age.

Today, the best semi-permanent cosmetics professionals utilize special pigments designed expressly for use in these applications. The end result is a more natural, flattering look that gives you room to hit the snooze button one more time and flexibility to go from the gym to the workplace without touching up your makeup.

Keeping Your Semi-Permanent Makeup in Check

For the health and long-term appearance of your skin, you should be reaching for the SPF every morning. When you have semi-permanent makeup, though, sunscreen is an absolute necessity. UV exposure can and will speed the fading process of all tattoos, body and cosmetic procedures alike. A number of factors will affect your individual experience, including things like skin type and lifestyle. Still, one of the most important and influential factors affecting long-term wear begins to take effect before your cosmetic tattoos are even applied: the skill of the professional completing the procedure.

The knowledge and skill base of your chosen professional can have a tremendous impact on your overall wear time and satisfaction with semi-permanent makeup. The better the professional, the better your end result.

Sara Justice is Atlanta’s premier destination for semi-permanent makeup and long-wearing cosmetic tattoos. Call or contact Sara Justice today to learn more about these procedures and how they can absolutely change your beauty game.

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