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There’s a reason why eyes are called “the window to the soul,” and why they’re a permanent fixture in love songs of any generation: there’s just something special about captivating eyes. When they’re framed with thick lashes, they’re even more of a sight to behold. Not everyone has the patience to painstakingly apply the perfect mascara, nor the steady hands necessary to pull it off properly. Even when you do flawlessly execute your eye makeup, you’re still faced with two equally unappealing choices: the potential for epic raccoon eyes when it smears or runs, or the tacky feel of waterproof products.

What if there were a way you could roll out of bed barefaced and beautiful, with full lashes and bright eyes? With lash enhancement tattoos, this could be your new life.

Are Lash Enhancement Tattoos and Permanent Eyeliner the Same Thing?

Cosmetic tattooing is nothing new, especially when it comes to emphasizing the human eye. Even the ancient Egyptians knew it was way less of a hassle than kohl eyeliner. The practice has evolved dramatically from the days of the pyramids, becoming a thriving industry around the world. This means there are a few different methods currently in use, and widespread confusion surrounding different procedures.

Decades ago, when the cosmetic tattooing industry was in its infancy, many cosmetic tattooing pros used the same liquid pigments favored by body tattooists. These vibrant inks, while ideal for vivid swaths of color on the body, tend to be far too garish to look natural in a cosmetic application. They also break down more unpredictably, and can age very poorly. Now, leading industry professionals opt for specially formulated pigments, which produce a far more natural look. Because these pigments do break down and fade over time, the “permanent makeup” moniker no longer applies.

Just like the phrases “permanent makeup” and “cosmetic tattooing” are inaccurately used interchangeably, so are the terms “lash enhancement tattoos” and “eyeliner tattoos.” There are distinct differences between the two procedures.

Semi-permanent eyeliner is a bold line of color, where lash enhancements are more subtle. Instead of a solid line across the lash line, lash enhancement tattoos consist of precisely applied dots between follicles. This creates the illusion of many more individual hairs, giving you the look of thicker, fuller lashes.

Longer Lasting Lash Enhancements, No Running or Streaking in Sight

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