Sparse, short or lackluster lashes can be a serious challenge when you’re trying to emphasize the color and shape of your beautiful eyes. False lashes can bring temporary results, but they’re fiddly to apply and their staying power can leave much to be desired. Lash extensions are a better alternative, but still just a temporary solution. What if there were a way you could enhance your lash line significantly, and semi-permanently? With cosmetic lash enhancement tattoos, you can create a natural but noticeable effect.

The Difference Between Semi-Permanent Eyeliner and Lash Enhancement Tattoos

While both procedures involve tattooing at the lash line, there are some fairly significant differences between semi-permanent eyeliner and lash enhancement tattoos. The application techniques and placement differ, with lash enhancement being more akin to semi-permanent mascara than semi-permanent eyeliner.

To enhance eyelashes, tiny dots of pigment are inserted into the skin between each eyelash. These dots create an enhanced lash line all the time, whether you’re wearing makeup or not. While lash enhancement will help you shave valuable time off your morning makeup routine, it’s also useful for those with poor eyesight, shaky hands or other constraints. It can also be a game-changer for those with sparse or wispy lashes.

What You Should Know About Eyelash Enhancements in the Atlanta Area

Enhancing your eyelashes on a long-term basis comes with a host of benefits, from saving time to boosting your confidence on a daily basis. It’s important, however, to be sure you’re working with experienced and knowledgeable professionals before undergoing the procedure. Longevity and outcome quality are directly related to application skill and environmental controls.

We take pride in maintaining an immaculate space and sterile studio areas to ensure the best possible conditions for application of semi-permanent lash enhancements. All of our supplies, including needles, are single-used and disposable. This means each and every one of our clients are supplied with brand new supplies that are immediately discarded after use. Stations are thoroughly disinfected between each procedure and before opening.

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