A woman before a permanent make up procedure.

Imagine waking up to a primed face every morning, not needing to put on makeup or refresh it throughout the day. It is possible with permanent makeup. You can save the effort, time and money spent on perfecting your already beautiful face.

Permanent makeup is also excellent for people with shaky hands, eyesight problems, allergies to cosmetic ingredients or medical illnesses that impact skin pigmentation or prevent daily duties.

However, as you fantasize about waking up with beautiful eyebrows, eyeliner that never smudges and plump, red lips that last through every sip at supper, you undoubtedly want to know what the procedure entails and if it is too good to be true.

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is micropigmentation on the face to duplicate makeup’s effects and looks. For example, it gives you long-lasting, more prominent brows, colored lips, precise eyeliners and more.

It is technically semi-permanent; it will not smudge or wash off, but it will not last forever. Touch-ups are required once the tattoo’s effects fade, which can take anywhere from six months to three years on average. The amount of fading is determined by the amount of exposure to sunlight, cosmetics, face cleansers and water.

Communication is Crucial

Permanent makeup is a serious move since you will live with it daily. It will undoubtedly be something you love forever, but follow your heart and ask your artist if you are unsure about anything. Don’t be shy or afraid to speak frankly about your aesthetic desires.

Men Can Benefit from Permanent Makeup, Too

This beauty domain is not “women-only.” Men are using these procedures to replicate hair growth. Micropigmentation is effective and less intrusive than other methods but requires six to seven sessions.
How Serious You Take Your Aftercare Matters

Whether you get eyeliner, eyebrows or lips done, the outcome depends on how well you care for the region as it heals after the procedure. Even if your artist does a great job, not using Aquaphor, drinking hot beverages, eating spicy meals and smoking can affect evenness and healing time.

Do Not Skip Your Follow-Up

You may not feel a follow-up is needed after the initial healing process ends and everything looks perfect to you. However, your artist can notice minor flaws more clearly than you with their experienced eye. So, go back for that checkup just in case, and let them make sure you absolutely look your best.

Are You Ready to Try Permanent Makeup?
It is fantastic not to have to spend your morning doing makeup that ends up smearing later on! If you or a friend want permanent makeup, call or visit Sara Justice today.

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