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Makeup can be a great way to boost your self-confidence about your appearance, but applying it every day can be a time consuming hassle. You may have to re-apply it several times during the day as it wears off or gets smudged. Permanent makeup can be an ideal solution to save time with your daily routine and save money on expensive products. There are many other reasons this option can be popular for busy women. Here are the three best beauty benefits you can receive from permanent makeup.

Rejuvenate a More Youthful Appearance

As you age, your face can experience a number of physical changes. Your eyebrows may become sparse and your lips may become pale and less defined. Fine lines in the lips can create numerous issues applying lipstick. Permanent makeup can be used to rejuvenate aging skin by redefining and filling in areas of loss to help you achieve a more youthful appearance.

Hide Skin Imperfections

Permanent makeup can be used to hide skin imperfections around the eyes and lips. This can be beneficial if you have acne scarring, birthmarks, burns or scars. Pigment loss can also be concealed. Your best features can be enhanced in a natural and undetectable way. Regular makeup can be applied if desired over the permanent makeup for further enhancement.

Soothe Your Sensitive Skin

Many cosmetics can irritate sensitive skin, causing watery eyes and breakouts. Permanent makeup can help soothe your sensitive skin by reducing daily redness and irritation. The pigment used does not have the same allergens that can be found in traditional makeup. While you can expect minor redness and swelling after treatment, these side effects can go away within the first two weeks. Your permanent makeup artist can give you instructions to help relieve these effects.

Best Permanent Makeup in Atlanta

If you are concerned about your appearance and find applying makeup to be a nuisance, permanent makeup can be an ideal solution for you. Sara Justice offers permanent eyebrows and lipsticks as well as lash enhancements to help you look your best. During an initial assessment, an artist can recommend the best options to suit your needs. Book your appointment today.

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