Over the course of a year, you spend hours with your lipstick routine. You put it on before you go out, refresh it during the day and clean it off before going to bed. It would be nice, not to mention efficient, if your lips could still look great without the fuss. Thanks to the excellence of Sara Justice Cosmetic Tattoo, Roswell and Dunwoody area individuals can have beautiful lips every day, all day without fuss or muss.

Permanent lipstick is here to give you beautiful looking lips all the time. Enhance the fullness of your lips, shape them perfectly and restore their beautiful, natural color with permanent makeup tattooing. Discover the secret known to many who always have perfect lips. With permanent makeup provided by Sara Justice, your lips will defy the ravages of time.

Permanent Lip Color

Time has a way of changing our appearance. For lips, this means they can lose their shape, becoming thin or uneven, and the natural color fades away. You could get fillers to plump up your lips and restore volume. The downside is that fillers only last so long before you have to have the procedure performed again. Anyone paying attention can notice the changes your lips take throughout the year. Permanent makeup, on the other hand, lasts much longer.

Permanent lip color lasts at least twice as long as the average lip filler. There are no injections with lip restoration. Sara Justice provides you with beautifully enhanced lips that do not require constant upkeep. Lip color is applied directly on the skin and also works well with lips that have had fillers.

Because of the stimulating effect of tattooing on the skin, collagen production in the skin increases naturally. Collagen helps skin look healthy, firm and gives it volume. Your lips appear fuller after permanent lip restoration.

Sara Justice Cosmetic Tattoo is proud to bring fuller, more beautiful smiles to the Roswell and Dunwoody areas of Atlanta. Contact us today to schedule your appointment for beautiful lips with Sara Justice.