Many women refuse to leave the house until they have “put their face on.” At the very least are those who will not go anywhere without their lipstick. Well, you can leave the lipstick in the drawer. Residents of Marietta and Kennesaw, welcome to the world of permanent makeup where your lipstick color can last for a year or more. Sara Justice Cosmetic Tattoo applies permanent lip color to keep your lips looking youthful and luscious, no matter what.

With permanent lipstick, you can enhance the fullness of your lips, make thin lips look larger, restore the natural color of your lips, correct unevenness and add shape. You will be amazed with the improvement that permanent lipstick can make. You will love the convenience of having beautiful lips all day, every day with no need for a touch-up or refreshing.

Permanent Lip Color

Lips, like other parts of the body, change as time moves on. With aging, your lips may lose their volume as collagen and elastin below the surface slow production. Lips become thinner and can look uneven. Your natural color may fade, leaving them looking dull and lifeless. Permanent lip color can change all of that.

The tattooing process used stimulates the production of collagen, and this can give your lips a fuller appearance. Permanent lip restoration can last over a year, which is at least double what you will find with dermal fillers, and you will not have to suffer through any injections.

Sara Justice Cosmetic Tattoo provides you with beautifully enhanced lips without constant maintenance. This is great news if you lead a busy life or have a physical condition that causes makeup application to be challenging. Hand tremors, poor eyesight and limited mobility prevent many women from wearing makeup, but that no longer has to be the case. Sara Justice uses her expertise to give you the look your desire and it lasts.

Find out more about the process and schedule an appointment. Contact Sara Justice Cosmetic Tattoo serving the Marietta and Kennesaw areas.