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Beauty influencers on social media make it look so easy; a subtle flick of the wrist and their eyes are perfectly accentuated. A bit of practice on your own, though, shows just how much precision is required to make something look so casual.

Investing hours in front of the mirror and sacrificing countless tubes, pencils and gels to perfect your own technique can feel both intimidating and frustrating. What if there was a way to roll out of bed ready to face the day, no fiddly eyeliner application required? With permanent eyeliner via cosmetic tattooing, or “micropigmentation,” you can do just that.

What to Expect from a Cosmetic Tattoo Eyeliner Procedure

Is your desire for perpetually Instagram-ready eyeliner outstripped only by apprehension about the procedure? If you’re imagining hardened bikers grimacing through the pain of a body tattoo, you have the wrong idea. Cosmetic tattooing procedures are different, from the way they’re applied all the way to pain relief.

Anesthetic creams and gels are applied before the procedure to prevent pain. This is provided for your comfort, but also to ensure you’re able to remain still while the delicate skin around the eye area is enhanced. When it’s all said and done, you can expect minimal swelling and redness as the skin heals. For the first few days, your new eyeliner will appear darker and bolder than you might initially expect; the healing process will naturally lighten the pigment to some degree. If you find you prefer the more vibrant pigmentation, it’s easy to build on the existing color with follow-up appointments.

Professional, High-Quality Permanent Eyeliner in Atlanta

Two factors will have the biggest impact on your cosmetic tattooing outcome: the skill of application and sanitation. Unhygienic practices can lead to infection, scarring and an overall poor result.

We pride ourselves on providing not only the highest degree of skill in application, but also a sterile environment. All of our application packets are stocked with single-use, disposable needles and supplies which are immediately discarded after each session. Stations are meticulously cleaned and sanitized before and after procedures to ensure the best possible result and to prevent the risk of infection.

Permanent eyeliner doesn’t have to be intimidating or scary. Contact us today to learn more about how cosmetic tattooing can save you time, money and frustration while ensuring you look flawless all day, every day.

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