Alluring eyebrows set off your eyes, and with a little tweaking, can entirely change your looks. When your eyes are set too far apart or if you have small eyes, the right eyebrow shape can make a huge difference. Now with Virtual Eyebrows, you can see in what ways your eyebrows can change your appearance. With digitized before and after images, you can find out how improvement of your eyebrows can enhance the way you look.

Achieving eyebrow perfection can be temporary with the proper makeup tools or permanent with cosmetic tattooing. Either way, Virtual Eyebrows serves as a guide to help you choose the ideal eyebrow shape for your face and eyes. At Sara Justice, we not only provide you with your digital guide to better looking eyebrows, we also supply you with basic tips and custom product suggestions so your eyebrows will look their most glamorous. Use the guide to help you create beautiful eyebrows wherever you may be or let Sara do it for you.

The Perfect Eyebrow Shape for Your Face

With Virtual Eyebrows, you can choose to have a comprehensive appointment to begin the process or just use the guide at home. The appointment is planned for your specific needs. Sara Justice takes a holistic approach to all cosmetic treatments. Face symmetry, eye size and skin tone are among the major factors considered when developing your unique Virtual Eyebrows course of action.

Your digital eyebrow results will give you a preview of how your eyebrows may appear. Due to many variables, we cannot guarantee that your actual results will be exactly the same as those depicted on the digital view; however, the end results will be very similar.

Sara Justice studies your face and features thoroughly to design the perfect natural eyebrow shape that will be most flattering for you. And what is life without options? If your preference is for a more unique look such as thicker or thinner brows, powder brow, darker or longer tail, Sara will be glad to accommodate you. Just ask.

You can create amazing looking eyebrows anytime using Virtual Eyebrows. The guide shows you how to shape, clean up and draw eyebrows with perfection. It also suggests makeup products to deliver the best results.

Contact Sara Justice Cosmetic Tattoo today to schedule your appointment or just order your Virtual Eyebrows guide to use at home. Find out more about our Virtual Eyebrows and the select products preferred to keep your eyebrows looking their best.

Digital Brow Design
Digital Brow Design
Digital Brow Design