Thanks to today’s social media platforms, fashion trends spread quickly. Such is the case with painted eyebrows. All the fashion rage way back when, they are now back in style. The perfectly painted eyebrow takes time and skill to achieve. The busy individuals of Marietta and Kennesaw can skip the inconvenience of eyebrow pencils, brushes, gels, waxes and creams. Sara Justice Cosmetic Tattoo creates flawless, permanent eyebrows that are low maintenance and look beautiful.

Sara Justice has years of training and education in makeup, eyebrow shaping and design and semi-permanent makeup. She traveled the globe and apprenticed under some of the world’s masters in the field. She brings over 20 years of experience along with her artistic eye to meet each client’s unique needs.

You can expect amazing results with Sara’s exemplary skills and attention to detail. She creates eyebrows perfectly designed and shaped to enhance your appearance. Reclaim your time with permanent makeup that lasts over a year.

Microblading Eyebrows

Semi-permanent eyebrows are often applied with a method called microblading. With this technique, tiny cuts are made in the skin to apply color. While effective, the downside is the risk of possible infection. Proper upkeep also requires repetition of the process which, over time, can lead to scarring. Sara Justice has developed a better technique that yields lasting results with fewer risks.

Sara uses a unique hybrid technique that applies the color by hand or machine, according to the preference of the client. She then adds depth and dimension with the application of a soft powdering effect. The result is a beautifully natural look regardless of the quantity of hair available. Men and women appreciate the care and skill Sara brings to her work and the amazing results she produces.

Permanent makeup is perfect for those who may have challenges in applying makeup due to physical conditions such as arthritis, hand tremors, poor eyesight or other limitations. You can always look your best without the time and inconvenience of daily application and removal of makeup.

Contact Sara Justice Cosmetic Tattoo today to schedule your appointment for permanent eyebrows. Ask about our other permanent makeup offerings, too.