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Cosmetic tattooing is a long-term commitment, which can be quite intimidating when you’re weighing the risks and benefits of eyebrow modification. Wouldn’t it be easier and far less stressful if you could accurately visualize your end result before you commit? Now, with our Virtual Eyebrow service, you can do just that.

Minimal Risk, Maximum Reward with Cosmetic Tattooing

The cosmetic tattooing industry has evolved significantly from the days of using too-bright inks designed for body tattooing. Now, the best expert cosmetic tattooists use pigments designed and intended specifically for semi-permanent makeup. This provides a softer, more natural look that elevates your brows.

Shave time off your morning routine and ensure you’ll never have to struggle to perfect your arches each day with cosmetic tattooing. With the added assurance of our Virtual Eyebrow service, you can go into the procedure with a clear expectation of the end result.

The Virtual Eyebrow Process: Planning for Semi-Permanent Makeup Perfection

Cosmetic tattooing is only part of the equation with our Virtual Eyebrow service.

This holistic approach to planning and design takes everything from your unique facial symmetry to the size of your eyes and the tone of your skin into account to ensure your brows aren’t just perfect, they’re perfect for your face.

Use the guide at home, or set up a comprehensive appointment to start the process with full professional support. You’ll have a digital preview of the finished result, which may vary slightly depending on a number of variables, but will be the most accurate possible preview.

Tired of spending time, effort and money on the quest for a long-lasting, perfectly sculpted brow? Contact us today to learn more about the process, how we keep you safe every step of the way and all the possibilities for cosmetic tattooing.

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