Each day is a new beginning, and you can wake up every morning looking your best with permanent makeup. Sara Justice Cosmetic Tattoo creates a beautiful look for you with eyeliner, shaped eyebrows and lipstick that lasts. You can forget about running out of lipstick or losing that pesky eyebrow pencil. With permanent makeup, you have the perfect face every day, all day. Marietta and Kennesaw men and women alike can enjoy the convenience of permanent makeup that enhances your appearance.

Looking your best has never been easier. With the use of Sara Justice’s tattooing talent, no matter the circumstances, your face will always look good. Atlanta’s elite depends on Sara Justice for the highest quality service and an impeccable look that does not fade at the end of the day, or the month for that matter.

Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

Without realizing it, over time you spend hours putting on and taking off your makeup. Getting your eyeliner on correctly, penciling in eyebrows and putting on lipstick takes time. Day after day, those minutes add up to hours. With permanent makeup, you can spend that time enjoying other things in life. Sara Justice Cosmetic Tattoo allows you to look good all the time without wasting time. Whether you desire to have more defined lips, precise eyeliner or beautifully shaped eyebrows, Sara can make it happen for you.

With over 20 years of experience and education in the field that spans the globe, you can rest assured that you are getting the best of permanent makeup when you call on Sara Justice. She provides excellent care and amazing results. She also coaches you on how to take care of your enhancements so they last as long as possible.

Permanent makeup is an investment that lasts for a year or more. Finding the right person to do your makeup can be challenging. Many factors need to be considered when creating the perfect look. Sara takes all the nuances of skin tone, symmetry and facial features into consideration as she creates the look that is perfect for you.

Choose the best in the Marietta and Kennesaw areas for permanent makeup. Choose Sara Justice Cosmetic Tattoo. Contact us today to book your appointment so you can always look your best.